Following the launch of the first ultrasonic humidifiers (0.5 l/h and 1.0 l/h) for fan coil applications,
dough retarders and showcases, Carel has continued investing in this technology, extending range of
the solutions offered: humiSonic direct for room applications is now available in the 2, 4, 6 and 8 l/h

The new humiSonic direct for ambient applications is a high efficiency and precise adiabatic
humidifier, intended mainly for process humidity control or in comfort applications where energy
saving (less than 80W per litre/hour) is the main driver.

The main strengths of humiSonic direct for room applications are:
1. Complete and compact solution
humiSonic is the only ultrasonic humidifier available on the market capable of containing both the
piezoelectric transducers that provide atomisation, and the electronic board to receive the control
signals and manage the wash and fill cycles.
Positioning and installation of the humidifier are therefore immediate and intuitive.
The version with built-in probe can indeed be considered a plug & play solution, as all the parameters
are already pre-configured (including the set point of 50% RH).
2. Energy saving
Thanks to its very low energy consumption (less than 80 W per litre of atomised water), humiSonic is
the ideal solution for data centres and for all applications where humidity control can be managed
exploiting part of the sensible heat generated inside the controlled environment.
Comparison shows how humiSonic consumes less than the 10% of the energy of isothermal
humidification systems!

3. Mission Critical DNA
By running humiSonic on demineralised water, operation of the piezoelectric transducers exceeds
10,000 hours!
This new generation of ultrasonic humidifiers incorporates all of Carel’s experience in ensuring
maximum hygiene: all components in contact with the demineralised water are made from stainless
steel, and the main body is designed to prevent stagnation of water at the end of the humidification
cycle. Moreover, the electronic controller manages periodical washing cycles in the event of system