On Thursday 10 December at 3pm GMT / 4pm CET, a free webinar to learn how to combine energy savings and humidity control in datacenters.

It is widely known that suitable humidity control inside a datacenter minimises electrical discharges. It is likewise commonly known, however, that traditional humidification systems are quite costly, both in terms of environmental impact and power consumption.

Moreover, the latest ASHRAE guidelines have increased the temperature and humidity tolerance thresholds, leading to a number of questions: do we still need to control humidity? Or: can humidity control be reconciled with ever increasing need for energy savings?

Addressing this debate is a free webinar organised by DatacenterDynamics in collaboration with CAREL, on 10 December at 3pm GMT / 4pm CET. The main focus of the event are the latest adiabatic humidification technologies (i.e. high pressure atomisers and ultrasonic humidifiers) and the sizing criteria that ensure humidity is kept above the recommended minimum, while at the same time curtailing energy consumption.

Participants in the debate include Stephen Worn, CTO & Board Director of the DCD Group, Rowland Kinch, CEO of Custodian Data Centre, and Enrico Boscaro, Application Manager - CAREL Air-Conditioning BU. Attention will be devoted to reducing energy consumption through the use of new adiabatic technologies and the correct methods for calculating humidification requirements. There will also be the opportunity for questions from registered webinar attendees, so as to focus the discussion on common problems relating to actual datacenter operation. 

Humidity Control + Energy Saving: Is There a Solution?

Thursday 10 December  3pm GMT / 4pm CET