A new valves-series for high-temperature-applications is today to be added to the already very wide offer of Carel electronic valves for refrigerating circuits: E2V, E3V, and E4V specifically


designed for the most accurate flow regulation of high-temperature refrigerant. Precise control of evaporation temperature and pressure, as well as post-heating coils feeding
for an efficient energy deployment otherwise rejected. ExV-H, a complete series of sizes able to satisfy very different requests both for application and for circuit-size, from the small dehumidifier to the medium rooftop units.



Technical Characteristics
ExV-H was born as sub-group of the well-known E2V smart, E3V smart and E4V-B -families,
and are characterized by a semi-hermetic construction with copper fittings, and a stainlesssteel
The main distinctive feature of these high-temperature-suitable models is a new conicalshaped
shutter sealing specifically designed for these applications: