THERMA V is LG’s newest Air to Water Heat Pump system, especially designed for new housing and renovation by LG’s advanced heating technology with energy saving.
THERMA V can be used as various heating solution from floor heating to hot water supply with multiple heat sources.

Energy Efficient Application

THERMA V offers the best solution for home heating and hot water supply with LG’s inverter technology. It is 4 times more energy efficient than boiler system by absorbing energy from the outdoor environment.

Various Application

Various kinds of application is possible with THERMA V units including new house also renovation house

New House

With low temp. monobloc & split model, heating and cooling can be done.

Renovation House

THERMA V can be connected to existing boiler system to optimize energy efficiency and heating capacity for renovation house. Also THERMA V High Temperature can replace completely exiting boiler by providing 80°C hot water.