The heaterSteam range of precision humidifiers has been expanded and upgraded

The air humidification technology currently on the market has made a significant step forwards with the upgraded CAREL heaterSteam range of high-precision heater humidifiers, available in models from 2 to 80 kg/h.

The product has been overhauled in every aspect, from its mechanical components to the new electronic controller with graphic interface based on the c.pCO platform. The new software functions make heaterSteam even more reliable and versatile, while its extensive connectivity allows seamless communication with any BMS system. These improvements mean heaterSteam is the ideal solution for all high-tech applications.

The range has been further extended to include heaterSteam Titanium, the world’s only humidifier with titanium heaters, representing the pinnacle of this family of cutting-edge humidifiers.


Precise relative humidity control is the main driver of heaterSteam Titanium. This humidifier stands out for its “high fidelity” in responding to the control signal, with an accuracy of ±1%: combined with a high-precision probe it guarantees the desired humidity. Complete extension of the range of modulation (0 to 100%) ensures that heaterSteam Titanium can maintain the same precision even when humidity demand is quite low and when most humidifiers would see a significant decline in performance. The modulating limit probe and preheating function with NTC sensor assure the fastest response to changes in ambient conditions, allowing the humidifier to start steam production practically instantly. The possibility to create systems comprising a series of units (up to 20) in Master/Slave configuration further extends the scope of possible applications.

All these features make heaterSteam Titanium the ideal solution for process applications that require perfect stability and precise control of ambient conditions, such as cleanrooms or research laboratories.


heaterSteam Titanium has been developed for the most critical applications, in which guaranteed service continuity is the highest priority. Cleanrooms and operating theatres are just some of the situations in which an interruption to humidity control could jeopardise the entire process.

The heaterSteam Titanium humidifier is the only unit in the world to have titanium heaters: these guarantee unprecedented resistance to wear, representing the state-of-the-art for this humidification technology. Thermal protection against excess temperatures is incorporated into all the heaters, a further assurance of the solution’s reliability.

The backup and rotation functions mean steam production is never interrupted during the routine maintenance operations. The inside lining in the Kevlar cylinder and the heater thermal shock function minimise maintenance operations, which are both less frequent and faster.


The evolution of heaterSteam is not limited solely to the mechanical parts: the new-generation electronic controller provides standard functions that today are becoming essential, allowing heaterSteam Titanium to seamlessly interact with and integrate into any BMS system. Modbus and BACnet protocols as standard permit the humidifier to communicate with any interface, while the innovative Webserver means the entire humidification system can be managed from a tablet or PC: real-time management of production, monitoring of trends, verification of unit status and routine maintenance support. The USB port, available on the entire range, can be used to quickly and easily update the software when new releases become available.

Finally, its extensive connectivity features mean heaterSteam Titanium is already equipped to receive signals from wireless sensors, thus increasing flexibility during installation.