New ZS*KA Copeland Scroll™ Compressors – Offering Efficiency And Multi-refrigerant Options In Small Refrigeration Applications
  • Extended lower cooling capacities up to 1.3 hp from smaller footprint compressors
  • Released and qualified to be used with Low GWP alternative refrigerants R448A, R449A and R407A/F
  • Perfect fit for cold rooms, convenience stores, restaurants and foodservice establishments

 Emerson Climate Technologies,  has released three scroll compressor models for small refrigeration equipment under the brand new ZS*KA platform, thereby expanding the current Copeland Scroll compressor offering down to 1.3 hp.

The new ZS*KA scroll range is another example of Emerson’s latest innovations in Scroll technology that help customers achieve the highest efficiency and reliability that they need. The range includes three models from 1.3 to 1.8 hp: ZS09KAE, ZS11KAE and ZS13KAE. These compressors perfectly fit various applications such as units for walk-ins or commercial kitchen equipment, integrated display cases, as well as cooling systems used in light industrial applications where smaller cooling capacities are required.

On top of refrigerants that are broadly used today such as R134a or R404A, these compressors are approved and qualified for alternative refrigerants with a lower GWP such as R407A, R407F, R448A and R449A. The release for more refrigerants will follow soon. Thanks to evaporating temperatures from -25°C to 10°C, the ZS*KA compressors have a wide operating envelope that allows end-users to operate the compressors at very low condensing temperatures for maximum energy efficiency.

“Within the past few years the demand for higher energy efficiency has become more prevalent in the commercial refrigeration market. With the implementation phases of the ERP regulation in 2016 and 2018, the efficiency requirement will become even more stringent and increase the need for highly efficient refrigeration compressors. The new ZS*KA models deliver up to 15% higher efficiency at rating conditions and 28% higher efficiency at low condensing limits against the commonly used competitive piston hermetic compressors. This gives unit manufacturers the possibility to qualify their units without making major design changes” said Sylvain Lamy, Director Refrigeration Marketing at Emerson Climate Technologies Europe.

The new models are manufactured in Europe in Emerson’s factory in Northern Ireland and are available in different motor configurations. Additionally they can be fitted with an optional sound shell for quieter operation