It is now available “c.pCOe Enhanced”, the new IO expansion board that includes an integrated driver for the management of a unipolar electronic expansion valve.
The new product enriches the actual Carel expansion boards range, composed by pCOe and c.pCOe basic boards.

c.pCO Enhanced expansion board is equipped with:
· 10 Universal channels to be used for measuring passive and active
probes, digital signals, and configurable as PWM or   analog outputs.  
  · 6 digital outputs (5 SPST e 1 SPDT relays)  
· Integrated driver for the unipolar valve  
 · Vbat terminal for connection to Ultracap module for the management of expansion valve emergency closure  

Integrated unipolar valve driver
c.pCOe Enhanced expansion board is capable of driving Carel unipolar