Hecu sistema is the CAREL solution designed specifically for convenience stores - Condensing Unit.
Increasing attention to energy efficiency, in other words lower environmental impact and lower running costs, makes the CAREL solution the perfect response to market needs. Hecu sistema ensures that the condensing units adopting this technology achieve maximum results in terms of energy ratings. 
Hecu sistema guarantees very high levels of energy efficiency through the use of BLDC compressors and electronic expansion valves for oil and liquid injection. Serial communication with the showcases makes a further contribution to energy efficiency by providing real-time information on the operating conditions of each evaporator.
Hecu sistema manages BLDC compressors with the focus on reliability, adopting a series of software functions aimed at ensuring oil return to the compressor. Serial communication with the showcases also allows action to be taken directly on the evaporators, thus managing oil return even more effectively.
Hecu sistema is designed with usability in mind. pRack Hecu comes with a wizard to assist unit configuration, and a fast commissioning procedure that automatically pre-configures the connection to the showcases and the related functions.
With Hecu sistema, all the components are designed to work together, so as to obtain maximum performance in real operating conditions and in response to continuous changes in the system. These actions have the dual effect of reducing energy consumption and at the same time improving food preservation through fine temperature control.