What a group of automation specialists and heavy military equipment have in common? As it turned out, a lot.

This year's edition of 1Tool / c.suite Event was held in Borne Sulinowo, mysterious city, which for years was not present on the map. Between 14-16 September, customers of ALFACO were trained in the field of Carel automation and survived military integration. For more information, visit:

The first day began with a greeting of the participants by representatives of Alfaco and CAREL companies and a presentation of the most interesting realisations associated with CAREL products. In the evening, in the grill atmosphere, surrounded by forest and lakes, unofficial talks were conducted.

On the second day, a training was held at which the issue of c.pco drivers and c.suite software was discussed, as well as c.web software for creating visualizations on the website through Webserver. There were also market novelties like BOSS monitoring system. Among the trainers there were representatives of CAREL company: Stefano Rizzo HVAC Export Manager, Francesco Pesce Programmable Controller Platform Manager, Andrea Pagan Application Manager, Climate Business Unit | Sales & Marketing dept.

Late in the afternoon, participants dressed in military uniforms went to the training ground, where in the company of true lovers of Borne Sulinowo they survived a military adventure with a historic basis. Participants had the opportunity to meet extraordinary history of the city, which for years appeared on maps as forest area, and only chosen people were aware of its existence. In fact, it was a military point of German and then Soviet troops with an area of 18 thousand hectares, which was home to 50 thousand people. However, even the best-told story does not reflect reality, so everyone had the opportunity to sail amphibious GSP-55 or take a ride in a tracked PTS-M vehicle. However, the task was not so easy, as the team first had to stretch the tracks and then find canister necessary to refuel with a metal detector.

Adrenaline, wind in hair, heavy terrain with hills and mud. The final attraction was extreme driving with 2S1 Carnation tank after the former Soviet military training ground. In addition to three customers we prepared an extraordinary surprise in the form of driving instruction tank.

Each attraction burns a lot of energy, so a real field kitchen was prepared for the uniformed.

At the end of the event, the participants visited the area of the former Soviet military unit in Borne Sulinowo and the surrounding bunkers, under guidance of a person related to the military history of this mysterious place.


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