Alfaco Polska Sp. z o.o. is a lead distributor who offer integrated solutions of cooling, air-conditioning and ventilation equipment. The company offer consist of major systems and components dedicated for Retail.

Alfaco is a company with established position on HVAC/R market that successfully sales the equipment to installation companies, manufacturers and trade companies, consistently diversifying the range of products and loyal customers base. Distribution network development of 6 branches in Poland and mail-order selling allows for reaching a wide scope of recipients, from independent sales people to individual customers. A key to accomplishing our company’s business goals is our high operational efficiency, flexibility and significant experience of Alfaco as a distributor and an expert in HVAC/R industry. In order to meet the expectations of our customers and trading partners, our company employs qualified engineers, performs cooling balances, organises trainings regarding the state-of-the-art solutions, thus, setting new trends in distribution.

Alfaco Polska was created at the beginning of 1990s, during the great economic changes. The company concentrated on small and medium enterprises sectors as well as on penetration of local markets, which allowed for building a wide partnership network of small and medium enterprises.

From 2017 Alfaco become a member of CAREL Group, the world leader in control solutions for air-conditioning, refrigeration and heating, and systems for humidification and evaporative cooling.

The company operates directly in Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic area. It is a strategic distribution partner for international HVAC/R industry manufacturers, selling their products in Eastern and Central Europe to thousands of sales partners. The company’s offer consists of over 2000 products of more than 20 brands from all over the world.



Among many others, Alfaco has worked together with:

Carrier Polska; ABCold Sp.j.; AGH Kraków; Auchan Polska Sp. z o.o.; ES SYSTEM K Sp. z o.o.; Jeronimo Martins Dystrybucja S.A.; Termo Schiessl Sp. z o.o.; Bank Zachodni WBK; Balcerzak i Spółka Sp. z o.o.; Cadbury Wedel Sp. z o.o.; BDN Wykroty Sp. z o.o.; LINEA Systemy Chłodnicze Sp. z o.o.; Z.P.H.U "SZRON" Sp. J Marian i Dariusz Klepczyńscy; Bims Plus; British American Tabaco; Elektrownia Bełchatów, Opole i Kozienice; NATEO Sp. z o.o.; COOLING SOLUTIONS Sp. z o.o.; West-Frost Sp. z o.o.; Electrolux Poland Sp. z o.o; Instytut "Pomnik-Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka"; Nestle Polska S.A; Santander Consumer Bank; Telewizja Polska S.A.; ROSZAK Chłodnictwo Klimatyzacja; Ekium Polska Sp. z o.o.; WSK Kraków; JBG-2 Sp. z o.o.; Fabryka Urządzeń Chłodniczych BYFUCH Sp. z o.o.; P.P.U.H. "GALMET" S.D.R. GALARA S.J.; Starostwo Powiatowe w Słubicach; P.P.H. "JUKA" s.j.; Tesco Polska Sp. z o.o.; TKG Sp. z o.o.; "Piotr i Paweł" S.A.; SCA PR Polska Sp. z o.o.; P.P.H. "COOL"; STEUER ACS; Beijer Ref Polska Sp. z o.o.; Producent Pawilonów Handlowych WIERUSZ Spółdzielnia Pracy; Lennox Polska Sp. z o.o.; Pabianickie Zakłady Farmaceutyczne Polfa S.A.; Polfa Bolesławiec S.A.; GEA Klimatyzacja Sp. z o.o.; Orlen Automatyka Sp. z o.o., Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Zachodniopomorskiego and many more..

Every year the company receives prestigious awards and distinctions: Forbes Diamonds, Delta, Solid Company, Fair Play, Delta,  Business Gazelles, Business Cheetahs and Certificate of Business Credibility.