Alfaco Polska sp. z o.o. supplier of  humidification systems humiSteam to Orange Office Park in  Krakow, Poland.

Orange Office Park is a modern Office Park placed in Krakow Zablocie. Complex will be developed in four stages, it is going to comprise 35,000 sq m of the commercial and office area as well as 550 parking spaces. Alfaco Polska sp. z o.o. supplied 9 Carel’s humidification systems humiSteam to Orange Office Park. In autumn this year are planned 5 more systems.

CAREL has been manufacturing immersed electrode humidifiers since the 1970s and can draw benefit from its know-how in the field of electronic controllers: precision control, reliable electronics and sophisticated and complete control software.

humiSteam is ideal for applications where steam production is controlled by an external signal, i.e. BMS or humidistat, and comes in a range from 1.5 to 65 kg/h. Steam production is controlled by an external signal ON/OFF mode in a simple contact starts/stops steam production.

With proportional mode, the humidifier produces a quantity of steam that is directly proportional to the signal (0-10 V, 2-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA) generated by the external controller, always between 20% and 100% of maximum capacity. In addition, they come with RS485 interface with Modbus protocol for remote configuration and control via BMS.

Advantage of the device is working on mains water with a conductivity between 75 and 1250 µs/cm. The Control software automatically adjusts operation according to the characteristics of the water, so as to optimise operating life without maintenance. humiSteams has also modulation suitable for comfort or industrial applications, without extreme requirements. Large cylinders with galvanised electrodes and anti-scale filter at bottom for extended maintenance-free operation, ensure increases work time without maintenance. Built-in conductivity sensor and control software to optimise energy efficiency and maintenance costs, with constant performance throughout cylinder life.