The new range of compact refrigeration units consists of 3 medium temperature models and 3 low temperature models in Alfaco offer.


 Small ZX:


Features and benefitsTechnical overview*

Standard equipment:

Copeland ScrollTM compressor, crankcase heater, liquid receiver, service valves, double pressure switch, filter drier & sight glass

Fan speed control

External main power switch Energy savings

Energy and operation cost saving due to excellent energy efficiency

ZXLE models featuring enhanced vapour injectionIncreased reliability

All units pass advanced factory testQuiet Operation

Low sound Copeland ScrollTM compressor

Low sound sickle blade fan

Fan speed control


Wide choice of refrigerants

Multiple refrigerant approvals: R513A, R450A, R449A, R448A, R407A, R407F, R404A, R134a

Released for R448A and R449A in low temperature applicationsDesigned for time and space saving installations

Plug & Play installation

Smallest footprint in class

Light weight

Easy handling