Fifteen Carel’s humidifiers heaterSteam ware delivered to Warsaw Metropolitan building.

Metropolitan it’s modern six floor building with  total area approximately  55014  m² with useful floor area over 11347m². At present, the Metropolitan is the first AAA-class object in Poland and the only one such object in Central Europe. This unusual building was designed by the world-famous architect sir Norman Foster.

The heaterSteam range is dedicated for such a place like museum, laboratory, places where humidity must be under precise control.

Product characterise strength because of the titanium heaters, precision to ±1% around the relative humidity set point and versatility because the units work with any type of water.

The air humidification technology currently on the market has made a significant step forwards with the upgraded CAREL heaterSteam range of high-precision heater humidifiers, available in models from 2 to 80 kg/h.
The product has been overhauled in every aspect, from its mechanical components to the new electronic controller with graphic interface based on the c.pCO platform. The new software functions make heaterSteam even more reliable and versatile, while its extensive connectivity allows seamless communication with any BMS system. These improvements mean heaterSteam is the ideal solution for all high-tech applications.
heaterSteam Titanium, the world’s only humidifier with titanium heaters, represents the pinnacle of this family of cutting-edge humidifiers. heaterSteam titanium not only stands out for its performance in terms of precision and continuous modulation in humidity control, but also for having achieved unprecedented levels of reliability.
heaterSteam process completes the range of the heater humidifiers, offering a modular and flexible solution. The heaters used on heaterSteam process have been designed and developed to work even when the feedwater characteristics are not able to be controlled or are variable over time: a reliable and versatile solution.

ultimateSAM is an atmospheric or pressurised steam dispersion system, designed to uniformly and effectively distribute dry steam into ducts or air handling units.

It has been designed to be built "to measure" for the AHU/duct, guaranteeing low heat gain (max. 2 °C/4 °F) and very low condensate formation.
All metal parts fitted in the AHU/duct are made from AISI 304 steel so as to guarantee hygiene and long operating life.
The features of the ultimateSAM humidification system make it a perfect solution for all humidification requirements in AHUs/ducts, providing designers, installers and service personnel with the best solutions. The wide product range and choice of steam capacity, plus the numerous options, make the system ideal for use in various applications, including hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, libraries, museums, offices, shopping centres, data centers, telecommunications and many, many others.