Alfaco offer has been broadened by new Mitsubishi Elecrtic’s products and solutions for HVACR, lunched on last edition of the Chillventa.

Hybrid VRF system (HVRF) - this move by the Ratingen-based manufacturer is fully in keeping with its goal of offering the HVRF system as a solution concept for universal use, regardless of the refrigerants that are available. The HVRF system is the world's first 2-pipe system to provide simultaneous cooling and heating with heat recovery, combining.

Mr. Slim series with power inverters - boasting increased energy efficiency and potential pipe lengths of up to 100 metres, the units are able to consistently maintain their rated heating output at outdoor temperatures as low as -3°C. In the future, these units – which use the refrigerant R32 – will be offered as an alternative to products that use R410A, which themselves will remain part of the range. "All Mr. Slim systems stand out thanks to their particularly high efficiency", explains Dror Peled, General Manager of Marketing, Mitsubishi Electric, Living Environment Systems. "In terms of the refrigerant used, we want to provide both alternatives to users for as long as possible. This ensures the optimum result for their respective building and the associated air-conditioning tasks."

MSZ-LN unit featuring a SEER of 10.3, the new MSZ-LN once again exceeds the already very impressive efficiency values of the current product series. With an enhanced 3D i-see sensor, the unit provides real-time detection of the presence, number and position of persons in the room. It also measures the temperature in the immediate surroundings of the persons present in the room. The heating or cooling output is adjusted accordingly in order to ensure that the desired temperature is reached at the precise location where persons are present. In this way, over 1,800 temperature differences are detected within a 12 metre radius.

Remote Monitoring Interface (RMI), a cloud-based control and monitoring tool for its City Multi VRF series. The tool is primarily used to operate, monitor and analyse City Multi systems from any desired location.

QAHV packaged model heat pump that features the alternative refrigerant R744/CO2 and is intended for commercial and industrial applications. The operating data of the new heat pump makes it particularly suitable for generating and supplying hot water. With a COP of up to 3.88, it reliably generates hot water up to 90°C at outdoor temperatures as low as -25°C. The heat pump remains extremely quiet despite its high level of performance, with noise emissions of 56 dB(A).

e-Series - a new modular chiller. One particular aspect that makes the e-series chiller stand out from conventional products on the market is its design, as it features a depth of just 90 cm. The chiller also defies convention in terms of the blow-out of air, which is directed forwards rather than upwards.